Dan Puric: ‘Vis’ (May 2016)

Dan Puric: actor, author, proponent of authentic Romanian values.

Dan Puric is a sensitive man. Dan Puric is an example of man’s rich imagination. In his one – person pantomime, ‘Vis’ (‘Dream’), he passes through a chain of tragi-comedic characters, alter-egos, in a state of dissociation, truly embodying the chaotic and sublime sequence of dreams.

Puric pantomimes various characters – the pianist, the driver, the donkey-yielding bumpkin – hilariously in the optimistic first half of ‘Vis’. With perspiration dripping off of his face as he executes the dance of Life on the stage, suspended in the air, embraced by yellow lights, Puric floats through the Dream that is his play as Zorba dances through the severe landscape of life. He encapsulates lightness, physically and spiritually. With every effort and movement, he sheds the weight of the mundane, abandoning himself completely to his art. By living it totally but retaining his humanity, Puric dances into that lightness, like a Peter Pan of the stage.

The light darkens, deepens into the mauve of twilight, shrouding the stage in a veil of enigma. His hands, expressive, are the focus of all eyes, as his face slips into darkness, seemingly illuminated by a candle, as though painted by Caravaggio. Touching another world: one again of lightness, but this time combatting the weight of the world. Floating throughout different worlds and planes of being, from the comic ingenuity of the first half to the phantomatic pain of the second half, he exceeds the past, present, and future. Vulnerable, his silence offers seems a testimony to human nature and its tender beauty. The soft colors of sensibility are laid out for spectators by the tremor of his hands and brow.

Dan Puric met the roar of applause with great emotion. His blue eyes are clear, luminous. Eyes which seem to encourage truth, beauty. Eyes which fight against corruption and vulgarity, so prevalent today.¬†Hearing the audience applaud him, thousands of kilometers from home, I thought, ‘Poor Romania, sentenced to be appreciative only far away from itself’.IMG_5396


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